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From the verb ‘to be’
Magali Lara

From the verb ‘to be’ is a solo exhibition that revisits the art practice of Magali Lara (Mexico, 1956), from her early works during the late 70´s until 2016. It aims to show the methodologies that Lara has developed in her production, highlighting the intersection between diverse artistic disciplines such as drawing, stamp and writing, that have derived in a specific language recognizable in her paintings.

The exhibition design recalls a Moebius strip that reveals a spatial and temporal relationship within the formal crossing fields of Lara’s production. At one extreme, the gallery space shows an installation that Magali Lara has created as a constellation of her drawings and stamps. And on the other pole, the artist’s books and notebooks display her individual and collaborative work with several colleagues, by which she explores the limits between aesthetics, literature, and perception as a way to reflect on its own place in the world.


Curated by Cecilia Delgado

Through September 3th, 2017
Rampas and Helen Escobedo galleries





We thank the support of:



logo lafuente



logo secretaria cultura


Proyecto apoyado por el Fondo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes




del verbo estar 1


del verbo estar 2


del verbo estar 3






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