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logo Regaladores de palabrasGiving voice to stories

Do you like receiving gifts? Listen to what we’ve got for you…
Although the stories are fantastical, the legends terrifying, neither kids nor adults will be left dumbfounded, because at the end of each tale they will leave with the gift of words.

Saturdays  and Sundays, 12:30 hrs.
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Marcela Romero

Stories in a little box

Stories that surprise as they emerge from a magic box.

Saturday 05



Margarita Heuer

A pleasure to tell
A selection of stories by different authors known for their work in contemporary children’s literature
Sunday 06



Moisés Mendelewicz            

LATIN AMERICA: I narrate you, I read you, and I recite you…
Exquisite selection of stories of “our continent” seasoned with poems also from Latin America
Saturday 12



Zien Cuentacuentos (Colombia)

An oral narration show where children and their families or carers can listen to the most beautiful stories and tales from here and elsewhere, while embarking on a fantastical voyage to understand why the moon disappeared one night, and why owls, wolves, and dogs greet its passage.
Sunday 13


Pedro Flores

Don’t get lost… storifind yourself!

A trip through the magic of stories that help us to rediscover fantasy and imagination. The best “once upon a time” is the one that pricks up our ears and leads us to recreate fabulous characters who make us laugh, sing, and dream.

Saturday 19



Abraham Villedas

Saturdayin the Federal District… the long-lost city
Narratives about Mexico City, a show for children and adults. Some will discover stories that seem far distant in time and space, while others will be reminded of things lost in their own memories.
Sunday 20






Juan Guerrero (Chile)

Stories of Planet Earth
A show that gathers the myths of the Chilote and Mapuche people, the story of Tentenvilu and his struggle to save the Earth.

Saturday 02



Julieta Alegre


Narratives of oral and literary tradition, full of magic, fun, and warmth. Stories of children who rescue lost memories… Sweet and jolly grandparents with very long names… Stories of families in which a funny procession appears… Stories of imperfect perfects… Adventures of love and friendship wrapped up in a magical, verdant ambience – and naughty dragons…
Sunday 03



Luis Esteban Galicia

I am a hero

Oral narrative show that fosters recognition of the fundamental rights of children. Using a variety of short stories, adults and children establish a dialogue about true demonstrations of love based on respect for rights.

Saturday 09



Charly A. Secas (Oaxaca)

Stories to calm outbreaks of anger

This show is an excuse for words to help calm the rages of everyday life, and even better, to help us live with the anger that sometimes overcomes us.
Sunday 10



Jorge Paz

Dr. Cabeza and the child wizard

In this journey Dr. Cabezadiscovers how children can turn into something very special… in the middle of the forest, the desert, the mountains or even the city, with a few special and spatial ingredients it is possible to become a child wizard! Let’s see if the Earth fills with wizards!
Saturday 16



Rosana Reátegui (Perú)

River of stories: from the mountain to the sea
Stories, legends and drops of poetry following the course of the great Amazon River. A river that crosses peoples, mountains, forests and countries, a great flow that is born as a tiny drop at the top of a mountain, in a mountain range full of snow, and gets strong on its journey towards the Atlantic Ocean. The Amazon River is full of stories, murmurs, and songs. This show will present some of the stories the mother river passes through.
Sunday 17


Matilde Samperio

The witches’ name and other stories about… witches
Tales of terror and fun that discover the wonders of books of magical recipes, instructions for spells and incantations, for making talismans and brews... that bewitch and enchant.
Saturday 23



Giovanna Cavasola

Landscapes of story
What do the stones, lakes, and rivers have to tell? Come close to listen to their stories.
Sunday 24



Rodolfo González (Costa Rica)

Dreams of paper
Neighborhood games using figures made with newspaper lead to the main character of the show remembering the stories of her childhood and turning simple newspapers into colorful costumes and characters.

Saturday 30






Florina Piña

One, two, three for all my companions…
From games, singing and joy flow stories of love, respect, equality between girls and boys; between these little ones and the world of grown-ups and grandparents. A rag doll teaches us that silence can hurt; that the death of a loved one does not have to only be suffering... Stories heal and help us grow. Eyes and ears open.

Saturday 07



Marcelo Guerrero (Argentina)

Of dogs and other incredible pets
Stories and songs about the adventures we experience when we are children (and adults, too) when we choose our pet, especially dogs.
Sunday 08



Teatro de la palabra (Cuba)

Crazy stories
A show with music, stories, and riddles, full of words and colors for all the family to enjoy, while thinking, laughing, and singing.
Saturday 14



Magda Morán Faona Cuentacuentos

Tall tales
From a distant and lofty land they came to tell me the Tall Tales I present to you today, with great pleasure and no desire to deceive. “My goodness, help me to believe the truth there is in me, however beautiful it may be.” Amen!
Sunday 15



Fabri Velezzi (Chile)

From the south to the world
Stories with the flavor of the southern end of the Americas
Saturday 21



Víctor Arjona

A journey through the pre-Hispanic Mexico that remains alive today. In each story, taken from the western region of Mexico, we find an identity portrayed in the daily encounter of people with deities and nature. The lively colors that always accompany the stories, the mountain or desert landscapes that reflect the biodiversity of the region, and a very distinctive way of seeing the world as a single whole present the audience with a living picture of a millennial culture.
Sunday 22



Elías Manzano (Hidalgo)

Stories that emphasize the importance of having people who love you around you.
Saturday 28






Patricia Martos

Stories of Clay
An oral narration and clay modeling show. Through the construction of small clay objects, spaces and objects are created that accompany the journey of a potter through stories of the creation of the world.
Saturday 04



Valentina Ortiz

Bigúthe Turtle, stories from Mexico
Join Bigúthe Turtle, María the little girl, Miñothe Coyote and Nu the goat as they follow the pathways of our indigenous Mexican traditions. This journey is accompanied by the sound of instruments, ancient songs and the murmur of our countries many different languages. Playing and dreaming we encounter the great wealth of our indigenous heritage and enjoy their humorous manner of narrating the world.
Sunday 05



Mercedes Hernández

The toy soldier and other classic tales
The classic stories, told without Disney effects.

Saturday 11



Jorge Skinfield (Hidalgo)

The fun adventures of Don BichoMalo, telling tales
A selection of contemporary tales full of humor and fantasy: “The man in the tin mask”, “The little boy who couldn’t say no”, “Love stories for shy children”.
Sunday 12



Rosalinda Sáenz

Stories of adventure, fantasy, magic, laughter and surprises will come out of this "ABC". You will hear as a harmless mouse helps save a family from a serious problem; that friendship happens at the most unexpected moment; and that the wisdom of a witch can bring about big changes.

Saturday 18



Raúl Buendía

Of monsters and other creatures
Oral narration about monsters that scare off creatures, or monsters that are scared by other creatures, or monsters that are scared of children… Find out who is scared of who.
Sunday 19



Norma Torres

Stories of frogs, toads, and a reptile or two
Travel with these stories to a particular pond where everything seems to be backward: a princess who eats insects, a toad that wants to fly, and an iguana who claims to be the sister of a frog. What matters in the end is to be who they really are.
Saturday 25 



Gerardo Méndez

Stories of mice
Oral narration show based on stories led by mice. 
Word games and riddles related to mice.
Sunday 26






Regaladores de palabras


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