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Information capsule – Hipocampo exhibition

Marco Rountree

This constellation of objects in wild profusion seeks to break with the ordered surfaces of the museum walls and to tame, from all perspectives, the things that have lived here. The work is an exercise of both registration and reconstruction, in which the creatures and objects that have shaped this space come together, narrating shared times, places and meanings.


In addition to its kinetic character, the mobile also animates the empty space of the gaps that separate all these entities, revealing a larger and more varied architecture where what transgresses the limits of the imagination is precisely free association, unusual juxtaposition and the sudden proximity of things with no apparent connection. The mere exercise of numbering them and hanging them together has its own power of enchantment, and encloses a universal exactness.




Marco Rountree (1982). Vive y trabaja en la Ciudad de México (MX). Define su práctica como la libre experimentación del dibujo en cualquier material. Mediante el dibujo, la escultura, la instalación, el video y las intervenciones en el espacio arquitectónico, Rountree explora el concepto de ornamento, particularmente en la resignificación de objetos cotidianos a través de su manipulación y representación. Con la historia de México y la era prehispánica como referentes, su trabajo cuestiona el concepto de “arte latinoamericano” y el papel del arte mismo.










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